Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Last Sedona Hike


The wind was too strong for outdoor activities yesterday, but today was calm and pleasant so we took one more trip to Sedona. For those of you who think we eat nothing but pizza, we decided to branch out and eat at Mai Thai in Cottonwood. It had been recommended by some people in the bike club, and they were right. It was excellent Thai food. We had a stir fry of cashews, tofu, and veggies and Debbie had the Pad Thai. Jim even raved about it, and he doesn’t usually like Asian food.

Then we hiked the Coffee Pot trail, which starts in a  modest, older Sedona neighborhood. You quickly get away from civilization and the views begin. We saw lots of interesting rock formations, including Coffee Pot rock. Again, it was a stretch of the imagination, but it sort of looked like a percolator.P1000291

We’ve seen balanced rocks before but they are always fascinating.P1000298

I didn’t even see the tree at the top until I looked at the pictures.P1000295

Somebody had some fun with this one, lining up little rocks to make teeth.P1000297

As usual, the trail seemed to just end, unlike the trail guide said, so we had to turn around. It was still a nice hike, and we will definitely be back to this area.


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