Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Hiking and Biking

Yesterday was a bit overcast when we hiked the Schuerman Mountain Trail near Sedona High School. It was a short trail but a pretty good climb and you could see all of Sedona. The picture isn’t good but you get the idea. The views were really breathtaking.
P1000284  Today we went on another bike ride with John the camp host and a fellow camper, Ed, who rode with us Friday. We toured around Cottonwood and the nearby town of Clarkdale. John was a good tour guide and we stopped at some overlooks where he told us a lot of  the history of the area. We forgot the camera so no photos today. We rode 22 miles and climbed lots of big hills.
This afternoon we had a visit from our Lazy Daze friends, John and Linda Leach, from Prescott, about 30 miles from here. We met them last year at the Southwest Lazy Daze get together in Tucson and again this year at Usery Mt.  Could be we’re prejudiced, but there are so many nice people who own Lazy Daze!

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