Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Watchman Trail and Riverside Walk, Zion NP

Yesterday we just wanted to take a short hike so we walked to the Visitor Center to look around, then found the Watchman trail nearby. It is a 1.4 mile climb to a rock outcropping that looks over the campground. Guess we were tired from our longer hike the day before, but it was a good workout getting to the top.  More gorgeous views like everywhere in Zion.
Last night was girls night out. Carla, Debbie and I went to the amphitheater to listen to a ranger talk about raptors in Zion. It was interesting but she talked more about other things than raptors, so we didn’t really learn much. Pretty exciting evening!
It rained and hailed during the night, and continued this morning,  but the clouds were pretty over the mountains.P1000517
The rain stopped this afternoon, so we took the shuttle to the end of the canyon and walked the Riverside Walk, a paved one mile trail along the Virgin River.
Chuck wanted to see how much higher the water  looked after the rain. This is the end of the trail where the famous Zion Narrows trail begins. Needless to say it is closed at this time due to high water.P1000522
Tonight we went into the cute little town of Springdale, just outside the park, and ate a great pizza at Pizza and Noodle. We ate there a couple times last year when we were here, and it was as good as we remembered. It’s a safe bet we will eat there again before we leave.

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