Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Last Days In Bishop Before Heading To The Hills


Saturday was a big day in Bishop, as the annual Fall Colors Car Show, semi-annual Choo Choo Swap Meet, and a fine arts show all took place at the fairgrounds. We had never seen so many antique cars in one place, so Jim wandered around looking at them while Debbie and I spent $2 each (benefit for the Law’s Railroad Museum) to get into the swap meet.


Let’s just say we’ve seen better flea markets, but at least I didn’t spend any money there.

We did a little hiking from our site on the volcanic tableland and found some rock art. Must have meant something to somebody.


This is a really nice area. Wide open spaces with the White Mountains on one side and the Sierra Nevada on the other.



Yesterday we moved about 65 miles south to Lone Pine. On the way we stopped at the travel plaza in Independence, where there is a nice RV dump and water. $5 with fuel purchase or $10 without. Since they have the best gas prices we’ve seen along 395, it’s a good deal.  This weekend is the annual Lone Pine Film Festival, so we wanted to get there well before the weekend and find a spot to boondock in the Alabama Hills.


With the nearby BLM and Forest Service campgrounds closed, we figured there would be plenty of other people with the same idea, and we were right. There are rigs scattered all over, and it was tough finding a spot that was level where we had internet. And there’s room for our Lazy Daze friends David and Mary, who are planning to join us tomorrow, we hope.


We’re closer to the road than we like, but with this as our backyard we can’t complain, and we have a usable Verizon 3G connection with the booster.





  1. Your comment on your Verizon booster caught my eye. I've been researching one for us. What are you using and how do you like it? The CM2000-WL40 dual band from Cellphone Mate seems like a good option. Thanks!

    1. John, we have a 4G/3G mifi and use the 4G V booster from Wilson. That said, it isn't as strong as the old 3G Wilson booster which I still have. So, now when we barely have 3G and/or 1X I connect the old booster which gives us a bit more signal.

      I have been very surprised, and happily so, about how much 4G has been available over the last several months.


  2. We're here too - along Lone Pine Narrow Gauge Rd. Now there's a name for you.

  3. Sorry the Swap Meet wasn't the best but you saved a lot of money:)

    I can't imagine that the road near you has much traffic. But it is nice not to be too exposed. I'd say you have a very cool little spot. Enjoy!

  4. Alabama Hills is a great spot.