Saturday, October 12, 2013

Third Time’s The Charm


On Wednesday it rained all day and into the night and never got out of the 40s. Not our favorite kind of day, but we were happy to have a generator. We ended up with five RVs at our site by that evening, and lots of people walking through our site to get to the rocks, way too much company for us. So Thursday morning we scoped out some other places in the Alabama Hills and found a perfect spot for only three rigs. By the time David and Mary arrived in mid afternoon we were all settled in and enjoying the privacy. And where we had a poor 1X connection, we now have a couple bars of 3G.


The storm brought quite a lot of snow to the mountains, but most of it has melted.




We’ve been enjoying David and Mary’s company. We all took a walk around the Hills to read the movie plaques and reminisce about old TV shows and movies. Hundreds of movies have been filmed here (mostly westerns) since the 1920s, and quite a few TV shows. Here is a list if you have any interest. 

David is an excellent photographer, and while we were in Quartzsite in 2011 he had just begun working on a project, Life on Wheels: New American Nomads, where he photographs full time RVers. He took a nice photo of us and gave us a print of it yesterday at happy hour. You can see it on his web page and might enjoy looking at his other work.

Today we are planning another hike on the Mt. Whitney Trail, if Jim and I aren’t too sore from a rock scrambling adventure yesterday. I only got stuck once!

Taken from our highest point. It wasn’t as high as Jim was hoping to get, but we were level with the climber, so that was good enough for me.




  1. Your "home" site is gorgeous.

    What a lovely photo of the two of you.

    Looking forward to seeing you photos from your Mt. Whitney Trail. I am sure they will be spectacular.

  2. Snow on the mountains is fine. I hope we don't see it up close and personal as we make our way to Mesa.

  3. Looks like a great place to call home for awhile. My hubby would love all that movie history. Hope the snow stays in the distance.

  4. I hear it's getting pretty cold at night...somebody said 15 degrees! Yikes! I hope it's not that bad where you are!

    1. No, it's getting in the low 40s here at night, not too bad!

    2. I think your spot was one we noted on our drive around. It was taken at the time.