Saturday, October 5, 2013

Social Week


The other day my phone rang, and it was George, whom we met along with his lovely wife Tina, in Silver City, NM. They were planning to spend the summer boondocking in Idaho, but the fires ran them off and they ended up in Mammoth Lakes, CA since mid-July. In fact, we were thinking of joining them in Idaho, but when Jim started having medical problems we ended up hanging around Flagstaff. George just happened to look at our blog and realized we were nearby, so he suggested meeting up for a hike.


We had both done the Little Lakes Valley hike, but it was definitely worthy of a revisit. In fact, when he looked at our blog, we had done some of the same hikes just a day apart. Too bad we didn’t know they were in Mammoth as it would have been nice to have company on some of the trails. In fact the time on our 7+ mile hike with them just flew by, since we all seemed to talk nonstop the entire way.

I knew this was Diana’s (Life On The Open Road) favorite hike, and wouldn’t you know who we ran into coming back down the trail! We knew they were camping near Bishop since they tried to come to Horton Creek the day we were evicted, but it was funny to run into her unexpectedly on a trail.

A few more photos from our hike to upper Gem Lake, which we didn’t get to the first time we hiked this trail. It was a cold, windy, but beautiful day for a 10,000’ hike. We really enjoyed George and Tina’s company and hope to see them again somewhere.


Forgot to mention that we also had canine company, their sweet dog Jessie, who likes to run ahead and crouch down and wait for them. She was a good hiker, except for the dust storm that ensued as she would leap up and run ahead of us on the trail.




Lunch by upper Gem Lake. George, Tina and Jim.



The other day we also had happy hour with Diana and Phil, and got to meet Diana’s sister, Barbara and Ron (from The Road Less Traveled blog). She is just as sweet as her sister, and we had a fun evening with much talk and laughter. We had invited them to our backyard, but the weather didn’t cooperate as it turned cold with 45mph wind gusts, so Phil kindly offered his 40’ RV with plenty of seating for everyone. We met up with them again yesterday morning making the rounds of the thrift shops in Bishop.

Meeting up with bloggers and other RVers we’ve met along the way has been one of the unexpected bonuses of living this lifestyle. In fact, we almost forgot that tomorrow will be 5 years since we left our home in Pensacola and went on the road full time. Now that is hard to believe!


  1. WOW...what fun to hike with your friends.

    I think this hike is my favorite of all the hikes you two had done. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. All of your pictures of this hike are just outstanding! They are so vivid, I feel like I'm right there with you.

  3. 5 years! Cool! Another gorgeous hike and with RV's a wonderful life!

  4. Another beautiful hike! I have created a Pin Board just to keep track of all these wonderful hikes. This is an area we plan to travel next year. I know I won't remember whose blog I read for what area. Finally, got smart and have a group Hiking Boards.

    How terrific to run into so many other fellow bloggers:) Sure makes this lifestyle extra fun. We've meet some wonderful people in our travels.

    Congratulations on your five year anniversary!! Isn't amazing how fast the time flew by and how much still needs to be seen! We just started our fourth year in June, and we have just scratched the surface. We are truly living the dream.

    Keep the gorgeous hiking photos coming! They feed my need until I can return west.

  5. Gosh, if the lake is 10,000 feet those mountains must be pushing 13...
    California has some treasure left in them there hills :)
    Box Canyon Mark

    1. Yes, the trail starts at 10,200'. Mt. Morgan is the highest nearby peak at 13,700'. You can see it in the last photo. Lots of thirteeners around here!

  6. Funny that you ran into Diana as when I read on her blog that she was in the Mono Lake area my first thought was that you guys were out that way as well! It sure is beautiful where you all are right now, a cold windy night is a small price to pay for such wonderful days!

  7. It was great meeting up with you guys! See you down the road...

  8. Really gorgeous pictures of that beautiful hike. And what fun to run into someone you know unexpectedly on a trail. You two really have a lot of friends on the road but after 5 years, I'm not surprised. Happy Full Time Anniversary!!

  9. Beautiful scenery, as usual.

    Five years, wow! That's really something, congratulations and here's to many more! :)